What Do You Wanna Know?

Welcome to the one and only place offering a monthly subscription to some of KC’s groundbreaking shoot-style content. You guys have been asking us for this for years, literally. Well here it is! And here are some answers to questions you may have!

How much content do I get every month?
We will be offering 12-15 programs every month, which would generally account to more than 25 hours of programming. We will also be adding KC Vault exclusives, like outtakes, unseen footage, and more fun surprises! We will be cycling programs in and out so you have a variety of shows every month. What we have done to the shoot interview genre we intend to do to the subscription channel genre. Come aboard!

How much is it?
A monthly membership is $20 per month.

Are you nuts? 20 freaking dollars? 
Not nuts at all. While Netflix and certain other ‘Networks’ charge less, they are also multi-million dollar companies that can offer a subscription to 5 million subscribers for $10 per month. That’s $50 million dollars per month, if you haven’t done the math. We are a boutique operation, not functioning at that level. 

Here’s some more math…KC Vault offers you 25+ hours of programming every month, which is anywhere from 12-15 full length programs…for the price of one! Generally our DVDs are $20-$25, and digital exhibition sells from our vendors for $16-$23. If this amount of programming were offered to you on DVD it would cost you around $250.

Plus, aren’t we just so much more worth it than those other guys?

When are new releases added to KC Vault?
Our model is just like that of Netflix, wherein new releases undergo a holding of several months. There are a host of reasons for this including the financial commitment to vendors that exhibit our new releases, among others. 

So your new releases on DVD, KC OnDemand (WWN), and KC Downloadz (DIY Wrestling) are kind of like new movies hitting theaters?
Kind of. Minus the ridiculously overpriced candy. If the movies that were released in theaters this weekend were also on Netflix, every movie theater and movie studio would be out of business. Same would be true of us and our vendors who work hard to bring you our content on great platforms, like streaming, Roku, and downloads.

Is my purchase safe? 
Our purchases are managed by Stripe and double encrypted for your safety. Stripe handles literally billions of dollars in transactions for companies big and small all over the world. Check them out if you’re unsure: www.stripe.com. Your subscription will re-bill automatically for your convenience.

I’m already a member. How do I sign in?
Scroll down, dude.

When can I start watching?